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Click on the tour bus to learn about the fuel of the future.

Throughout our series we will use the story line to promote fusion.

Steve has been working with Tomar Tamarkin and Pat Boone

to promote fusion research betweem the USA and Israel.

Learn about our commitment to help Israel with our series. Israel has suffered greatly under a barrage of false-info attacks funded by its wealthy enemies.


Our show presents the "Lions of Shalom" throughout the series as a metaphor for God's view of Israel.


They are under constant attack as evil seeks the destruction of the Lion's of Shalom.

Click on the sign to see our future plans for a kid's camp.

Click on the asteroid to enter Steve's world.

Click on the ant farm to watch the original intro-video we made for our show. We made it when Obama was still president and it looked like Hillary was going to take over construction of the ant farm.   (The new intro-video is linked to the asteroid at the top of the Web pages with the clam logo painted on it. )


The ending on both videos is pretty much the same, but the first part of this original intro-video shows our deeply felt ant farm blues. We were more than a bit down at the time.


But then it looked like we might possibly escape the ant farm. We were so encouraged that the final intro-video came out much more positive.  We want to help tear down that ant plantation and help put liberty into our children's hearts again.


So, take a look at the first part of this video to see the difference that one election can make in people's outlook.  We think it is actually pretty interesting.